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Following the publication of the Ministry of Justice consultation document, Transforming legal aid, a lot has been written about the potential impact on our criminal justice system. Most of this has been written by lawyers and it is only in the last few days that journalists have started to show anything more than a passing interest.

As a criminal defence barrister’s wife I have a unique perspective on these matters.  I hope that sharing it will help to dispel two of the myths that the public have long been fed by politicians and elements of the media. I hope that it might do something to help members of the public understand that people like my husband are their only protection against the might of the state, and that implementation of the proposals in the consultation document would render them all but defenceless. I hope that it will encourage more people to write to their MPs and to sign the Save UK Justice epetition

I have opted to remain anonymous because there are thousands of wives, girlfriends, husbands, boyfriends, partners, mums, dads, children who could write this, or something like it, about the lawyers in their lives.

My next two posts will be about my thoughts on two of the most widely held beliefs:

The myth of the “fat cat” lawyer – milking the system so his bank account is swollen with what he has all but stolen from the hardworking taxpayer, in exchange for doing nothing but prancing about in a silly outfit and exchanging inanities with other similarly dressed individuals.

The myth of the “criminal” – that the accused is always guilty, and that these lowlife scumbags make possible the lawyers’ profiteering



  1. Andrew · · Reply

    I love your entries to date, and I sincerely hope you keep going on this blog. I don’t know anything about the proposed transformation to the legal aid system in the UK as I’m in Australia, but your information is still useful in humanising the legal profession and telling people how it really is for lawyers and their partners. Great blog!

    1. Thanks for your comment Andrew. It is good to hear it has some value beyond these shores.

  2. Your entries are so darn good, Thank you! They’re a great way to get people interested in the petitions. What an excellent couple you seem!

    1. Don’t be fooled Mat, things are not always what they seem 😉 Thanks for your comment.

  3. Faraz Shibli · · Reply

    Thank you for writing this excellent blog. It’s great for the public to hear about these things from a non-barrister with a unique insight into the profession. Keep up the excellent work.

  4. camilla · · Reply

    You should get your husband to put his stories on: http://savelegalaid.wordpress.com/

    1. Thanks for your comment Camilla. I’ll look into it.

  5. This blog contains some of the best legal blogging I have ever seen. Awesome stuff.

    1. Many thanks Jack of Kent. I feel honoured to receive such high praise from you.

  6. Peapods · · Reply

    I’m already signed up to the petition as lawyer (not practising in crime) but your blog has really inspired me to encourage those I know outside the profession to sign up. I’ll be directing people to your posts as the govt is clearly relying on people to believe that criminal legal aid only benefits ‘real criminals’ and your blog does an excellent job of dispelling that myth. It fear that it may not make a difference ultimately, so wedded is this government to denying access to justice wherever it can in the name of austerity, but at least we won’t have stood by in silence.

    1. Thanks for your comments Peapods. You are right that it might not make a difference. We can but try.

  7. I’ve just signed a petition for the first time in my life. I hope it was worth it as I know more than I want to about this!

    1. Thanks for your comment and your signature YodicFlying.

  8. […] This blog seeks to expose some of the myths about our present criminal justice system, myths that have risen to prominence again following publication of the Ministry of Justice (MOJ) consultation paper Transforming legal aid. Myths that have been fed to the media, and the public, by the MOJ. […]

  9. I’m a reporter in Toronto seeking information on child porn prosecutions in the UK. A Canadian is being prosecuted based on a tipoff from UK police, but six months later UK suspect not even charged, merely bailed. Is this normal due process over there? Can someone fill me in on how this type of investigation works? So far, none of the UK criminal lawyers I’ve contacted have returned my calls or emails. ann.brocklehurst@gmail.com

  10. teqmotmc? · · Reply

    Hi, I have been considering becoming a barrister for a while and I feel your blog posts have posed some good reasons why I should definitely look into it as a profession a lot more before I set my heart on it. My main question would be, do you think that your husband finds that the times he manages to put a criminal in jail and feel that he has really done something good for the world makes up for the distressing cases and the times he knows he hasn’t succeeded in his case? Thank you in advance.

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