A heartbreaking post on the reality of life for another criminal barrister. There are so many in similar situations. Indeed, if my husband and I had children, this could be us. Yet certain quarters of the media still perpetuate the myth of of the £200 an hour legal aid lawyer.  I wish the author all the best for the future.


We received this yesterday, 11th June, before the Justice Select Committee hearing, and before Lord McNally’s “hysterical” outburst on Law in Action, in an admirable interview by @joshuarozenberg.

Then this morning, Quentin Letts in the Daily Mail attacks the “ashtray” voice of Michael Turner QC, and the “Biker” Lucy Scott Moncrieff whilst railing about legal aid lawyers in sharp suits on £200 per hour.

Who knows how far into the public arena this blog reaches? This post is certainly not one likely to feature in the Mail, as they do not have the wit or the guts to publish anything that offends against their slavish toadying to the likes of Grayling and his ilk.

If you sense anger in this introduction you are right. Far too much of what appears below strikes personal chords with your editor, as indeed it will with the vast majority of those practitioners who…

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  2. Posh biker and sharp suits, descriptions to conjure up grand, disposable incomes that will have the Mail readers slavering at the jowls. The Daily Mail has zealously supported the cuts to the public services, which panders to its readership. It is a vile paper that has subscribed to government propaganda about overpaid and ineffective public servants, which is rather ironic considering the current incumbents in Westminster. This country is being short-changed and it will not get the public services it should have, it will get those that this government deserves.

  3. That piece by Harry Mount in the Spectator was awful too.

  4. there has been a follow up to this yesterday in the legal aid question time hosted by Joshua Rozenberg with Lord Mc Nally attending. we’ve got our write-up here:

  5. […] June: This is what is happening to honest hard working legal aid lawyers and why (A Barristers […]

  6. CDS12 /CRM12 submission 2014. Latest news update. Criminal Solicitor Duty Rota changes January 2014

  7. I feel like the actions taken by criminal barristers in the walk out earlier in January would be much more supported if it weren’t for papers such as the DM souring the public opinion. We don’t want to live in a country where some people don’t have access to proper legal representation just because they can’t afford it.

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