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Exhibit D – the “fraudster”

This post is the last in a series that seeks to dispel the myth that everyone who ends up in court is a scumbag criminal. It is a reminder that anyone who is accused of a crime is, or should be, considered innocent until proven guilty. Everyone who is accused of a crime should be […]

Exhibit C – the “paedophile”

This post is one of a series that seeks to dispel the myth that everyone who ends up in court is a scumbag criminal. It is another example of how easy it is for good guys to end up in court. It is another case that illustrates why everyone should be entitled to independent, quality, […]

Jerry Hayes could have said: Grayling’s reforms bode ill for rape victims

Let me be clear, this is not an apology for what have been described elsewhere as Jerry Hayes “rape apologist” comments on BBC Question Time yesterday. Jerry has already had his own right of reply. This is an attempt to: Explain what I think he might have meant when he said what he did. As […]

Exhibit B – the “murderer”

In the previous post I told how a doting granddad ended up on a child pornography charge due to a combination of finger pointing and police and Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) inadequacies. Similar themes run through this story of Exhibit B, but the crime is more serious. This is another case that goes to show […]

Exhibit A – the “child pornographer”

This blog seeks to expose some of the myths about our present criminal justice system, myths that have risen to prominence again following publication of the Ministry of Justice (MOJ) consultation paper Transforming legal aid. Myths that have been fed to the media, and the public, by the MOJ. First, I covered the myth of […]

Myth #2 – the scumbag criminals

There is a widespread misconception amongst the public that criminal defence lawyers’ clients are all, well, criminals. They will happily trot out the old “innocent until proven guilty” but few actually believe that. Most think the opposite: “guilty until proven innocent” because, after all “there is no smoke without fire”. Further, even if a defendant […]

Myth #1 – The fat cat lawyer

The vast majority of criminal defence lawyers do not earn anywhere like the amount of money that the government and media would have you believe that they do. Sure, my husband earns more than the national average, but it is hardly pots and pots. Not as much as a consultant doctor in the NHS, for […]